Car Loans for Bad Credit

Automotive Finance to help Re-Establish the Credit

For no additional fee we at McKenna Finance will help you with car loans for bad credit.Most of us have been effected one way or another by the recent economic downturn, and if you have recently found yourself in a bad situation and are looking to get back behind the wheel of an high end vehicle, than look no further than McKenna Finance for all of your Car Loan Needs, despite having bad credit. We are prepared to find the car you want with the financial solution that works best for your specific situation and needs. Our Goal at McKenna Finance is to help you re-establish your credit and fitting you to the car you need. We have five different dealerships featuring top vehicles that you may have previously thought were never possible with your current financial situation. Our aim is to set you up with affordable monthly payments backed by outstanding customer service. It's important to mention that there is no additional fee for using the services of McKenna Finance, we are simply here to find you the make and model you want with the payments you can afford with Car Loans for Bad Credit. We are conveniently located at our Huntington Beach Dealership, and serve both LA and OC Counties. 

Here on our site you can read testimonials from happy customerslearn more about our service and set up a consultation with our experienced auto loan professionals over the phone, or even in the privacy of your home. 








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